More Harry Album Details, Tumblr Rant, Vetements Bare Butt Jeans (WTF!)

Tons of Harry Styles album info today- check my previous post for details. Tumblr is annoying as fuck sometimes. And Vetements continues to be absolutely unwearable unless you're wearing a matching blueberry sweatsuit and even then, that's ill-advised.

More Harry Styles Album Details Released Today!

Harry Styles' debut album will come out May 12 and includes 10 tracks. Harry Styles will be released in multiple formats.

  • A gate-fold vinyl LP edition – including a white vinyl version at
  • A Digipak CD
  • A limited edition CD with a 32-page hardcover book with exclusive photos taken during the recording sessions.

Pre-order for all formats is available starting tomorrow.

Harry Tweets and Deletes Pic of Louis Sipping a Drink Then and Now

So, if you slept last night, you missed the drama. Basically, Harry quoted tweeted a cute Louis then and now pic of Louis sipping from a straw with a broken smart URL. Everyone freaked out for a half an hour. Louis came online and followed Lorde, who was just on SNL and performed a song called Greenlight. Harry's tweet was online for 30 minutes and then someone used that broken link and linked it to a NSFW larry porn account. The tweet was deleted about 8 minutes after that.

It wasn't a hack. It came from iPhone (and twitter would have alerted the user if it came from a different iPhone), not to mention, after all the drama with "hacks", you have to think he has two-step verification on or something. Also, the tweet stayed up for 30 minutes and was only deleted when the link got jacked and went to a porn link.

How does a link get jacked? There are sites where you just go and can assign your long ass link to a shorter “smart” URL - (I just made that up as an example). YOU pick the short part….so it’s possible someone just went to the short URL place and picked a short URL that matched the one that was tweeted (because the original link seemed like a dead link that didn’t work). The weirdness is why there was a link in the quoted tweet in the first place and why that link was dead. 

Just Jared did an article about it.

Just as a side note...see how both Harry's legit song promo and the URL in the Louis tweet both start with That's a good sign that someone f'd up typing the smarturl link in the tweet (i.e., typed an incomplete URL). (Like they may have meant to tweet a promo link or whatever but just screwed it up)

Charges WILL NOT be Filed Against Louis Tomlinson Plus Harry in NYC & Everyone's Buzzin!

TMZ reported that charges will not be filed against Louis Tomlinson for the LAX airport scuffle. He will have to meet at the city attorney's office to get a talking to (basically, that behavior was wrong, don't do it again) and that will be the end of that. Woo hoo! 

We got pap pics of Harry Styles in NYC wearing yellow and black. And Liam wearing a jacket with yellow and black and a bee (it was a Gucci jacket).

Even TMZ chose an old pic of Louis where he was wearing yellow and black (and someone noted that his Do Not Enter caution tape jacket from yesterday is interesting because caution tape is normally yellow and black in real life)! So there's been a lot to be buzzin about today! Maybe moral support for my bee tattoo tomorrow! 

Harry is in NYC for SNL on Saturday. He's there now - Jimmy Fallon snapchatted him!

Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Papped (Of Course) & Jworth/Clark Clan are in Vegas

In today's series of ridiculous events, we have pap pics and a Daily Mail article of Louis Tomlnson and Eleanor Calder at Bristols Farms aka grocery store of the rich and famous where you go to get papped. They wore matching black (well, Eleanor just threw on what she wore to James Arthur and some Gucci bee sneakers and called it a day). Not only did everyone predict we would get pap pics, but these are hilarious because they call Eleanor "forlorn" - she looks miserable as fuck. Louis probably wouldn't stop talking about Harry the whole time. They seemed to have used WENN for this set. Probably because it would be too obvious to keep using AKM and everyone can see the pics now on the Dutch site. 

In the second ridiculous event category, we have the JWorths and the Clarks in Vegas because that's the place to go with a kid and a baby! They're snapchatting everything LOL. When does Louis get to see Freddie? Oh, that's right. Never. LOL. He's been gone for a month and gets to the US and the Jworths are basically like bye. Not that I'm complaining. But, let's just end it already. This shit is stale. No one's even trying to make this seem real anymore.

In other news, Louis' hearing has been pushed back again. First it was March 29, then April 12 and now rescheduled again. Ain't nobody got time for that!

April is STILL pregnant.  

Sunday Recap

Do they always wait until right after I'm done filming to post shit? No matter how late I am filming, there's always something. This time it was an Elounor sighting and they were wearing slightly less embarrassing matching black while walking on highly trafficked Melrose.  

Everyone says I jinxed it because I posted a picture of this elderly couple on bikes that I saw on the way to my dad's house wearing matching shirts LOL. Sorry this is Potato Cam quality but I was driving and almost crashed the car I was laughing so hard.

Harry Styles Interview with Dermot, April the Giraffe, & a Bunch of Nonsense!

Today was a slow day! I did my hair, got some errands done, and overslept so I missed the Dermot thing but thank god people summarized. 

April is STILL pregnant. I tried to get a pic of her eating lettuce but it was a fail. 

Hello, 100s! I'm officially back...barely! I weighed in at 199.8 today. Making progress! Someone asked what I'm eating. Here ya go! 

  • mcd’s eggs/bacon for breakfast
  • salad with guac and full fat oil and vinegar dressing (I like annie’s red wine one) and 2 pieces baked chicken for lunch
  • low carb shake for afternoon snack
  • salad with guac, salsa, cheese, olives, and grilled chick for dinner
  • sugar snap peas with ranch dressing for snacks (and sometimes those low carb nachos which i really have to stop because i think the cals slowed me down last week but in a pinch, it was a good cravings buster)
  • sometimes if im still hungry (esp. in the beginning) i have a piece of chicken. i buy a thing of baked chicken from the grocery store and just keep it in the fridge for lunch and snacks

Analysis of Sign of the Times, Recaps, & Paps of Louis and Eleanor Right on Time

In this video, I give a lyric analysis of Harry Styles' song Sign of the Times and recap the interviews.




Ryan Seacrest

Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder appeared in pap pics at Louis' house receiving a package (to no one's surprise - we literally called it earlier this week down to a 3-hour window). They're wearing ridiculous matching track suits again and Eleanor answers the door just to get papped.


“One of the most noticeable aspects of Wang’s new line is the way he literally flipped Adidas iconic logo upside down. “Originals is such an iconic brand, with instantly recognizable symbols and trademarks. It’s both grounded in heritage and also completely modern,” Wang explained to Vogue. “With this collection, the idea was to take the codes and iconography of the Adidas Originals brand and look at what their symbols mean and turn them on their head, to invert what’s on the surface and add a layer of subversion; also to toy with the idea of what’s authentic and what’s fake, and how a certain setting can change perception entirely.” 


And April the giraffe is STILL pregnant.