Harry Styles & Tess Ward: “He was never dating her, so he couldn’t get dumped.”

I'm loving the salt coming from Gossip Cop lately. They regularly drag Hollywood Life and today, they took out the hot mess that was Tarry (or Hess, whichever portmanteau you prefer). After reports first surfaced that Harry Styles had broken up with Tess Ward, other reports said Harry was “absolutely humiliated” after Tess “cut the cord in their relationship" and that “She pulled the plug on their romance to get back with her ex-boyfriend,”  a “mysterious London businessman.” Well, somebody ain't having that. Gossip Cop is sort of notorious for being a PR mouthpiece and it looks like Jefe may have put out the word:

There are a few good reasons why Styles won’t comment on the supposed “break up,” the main being that the singer and Ward were actually never really a couple. They hung out a few times and are friendly, but there was never a relationship. A mutual buddy of Gossip Cop and Styles’s assures us, “He was never dating her, so he couldn’t get dumped.”

Fans had been surprised when Tess was sort of introduced to fandom via the tabloids right before promo because fans had been hoping for a fakelationship-free Harry now that he was solo and hopefully rid of the "winter girlfriends" that had plagued him during the 1D era. But alas...it seemed a poorly thought out mess. Fans found her unlikable - especially when she seemed to have a fat-shaming post on her Instagram and she seemed to use every opportunity to coyly link herself to Harry while Harry's side did little but give her the keys to his public house to take a few pics for her Instagram and some tickets to one of his secret shows, where she was spotted in the crowd ignoring his family. Oh, and she got a coveted Full Stop Management hat as well. Either sensing a fakelationship gone wrong or listening to fan backlash about being tired of the stunts, the plug was pulled on Hess and we got breakup articles.

But this Gossip Cop article is brutal. It basically says Hess never happened. So, why the turnabout when Harry's side at least somewhat participated (half assed, but still...it seems to have been a soft attempt at...something)? She was featured in the Daily Mail at some event with an article about how she had broken up with Harry to go back with her ex-boyfriend.....on the same day news broke that Harry's stepfather had passed away (see the picture above). Let's be real, no one cares about what Tess was doing at some Polo Cup event so I have a feeling this Gossip Cop article was one last shot across the bow at someone who was trying to milk the last bits of a stunt at the worst possible time.

Let's hope Harry's team learned a lesson from this. Less stunts, please. We've had our fill, thanks. 

It's Coming! Louis Tomlinson Says Next Single BackToYou with Bebe Rexha & Digital Farm Animals is On the Way!

Louis Tomlinson tweeted his new single, Back To You, featuring with Bebe Rexha and Digital Farm Animals is coming, which means fans are going to be on high alert until it drops! 

Digital Farm Animals posted about Louis on social media a few months ago and Bebe has been hinting and being coy, especially after she was spotted in Doncaster at the same time Louis was filming what appeared to be a new music video.

So we are excited! Louis will also be in the Observer

Me, waiting for this single: