Highlights of the Grammys

Overall, the show was decent. I've tended to get bored during award shows lately and this year's Grammys did have a few slow moments. But, with tributes to George Michael and Prince, it felt pretty jam-packed. James Corden opened up with a monologue that had potential (clumsy 1st timer falling on the stairs), but segued into a rap that was hard to understand (and I love James, don't get me wrong!).

The highlight was Beyonce's performance. A mix of on-screen taped video and in-person singing, the performance was beautifully done while still allowing the very pregnant Beyonce to be seated for a lot of it.

Metallica and Lady Gaga performed a heavy duet, which started on a bad note when James Hetfield's mic didn't work. He ended up sharing with Gaga until they fixed him, but technical difficulties like that seem sort of unacceptable. You had one job! 

Adele was the big winner - taking home song, record, and album of the year. She gave tribute to Beyonce and Lemonade. It was an emotional night for Adele, after restarting her tribute song to George Micheal and cursing and then apologizing for cursing.

Bruno Mars and The Time did the Prince tribute, which was everything you'd want from a Prince tribute!

Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots accepted their Grammy in their underwear, telling a story about how before they became famous, they had said they should accept a Grammy in their underwear if they ever won one. 

All in all, not bad!