Presale Fun, Harry is a Drama Hoe (who also sends Pizza and Kiwi to Fans in Line)

I survived the presale last night! Next time, just tell me a time so I can throw money at the designated hour instead of having to live in fear every time I have to pee or god forbid, sleep! I bought a turntable so I can play the album and because I apparently hadn't quite spent ENOUGH money in 12 hours, I threw in an Adele album as well. Treat yo'self, indeed.

Harry liked a hilarious Instagram post where Sara Foster called out her hubby for liking a pic of models on Instagram. 

He also send pizza and kiwi out to fans waiting in line for standby tix for the SNL show. One of his songs is named Kiwi so is he foreshadowing or just trying to fuck shit up by sending red herrings?!?!