Harry Styles on Graham Norton, I'm Obsessed with the Unicorn Filter & the Unicorn Drink Holders!

Harry Styles taped Graham Norton today. It will air tomorrow. One note: Since I taped this video, another person who was there had more explanation of the "he is gay" thing and they said that the comedian said, "well... if he is gay, he is going to do it like Manilow and come out at 75" or something." Graham then pointed at the "fans" saying "oh no, hear the sobbing". Still yikes.

Thank you to nothintoseahere for the unicorn cup holders! 6 of them! These will get plenty of use in the pool! 

I'm obsessed with the Unicorn filter on snapchat. I tried to do a double unicorn but opened the gate to Harry's alien homeland by mistake.

Doki was not amused.

Lastly, I'm trying out Hustle Butter for my tattoo. I have a few stubborn scabby spots and this got good reviews so we'll see how it does!