Check Out Selena Gomez's Video for Bad Liar - She Plays 4 Different Characters

Selena Gomez's new video for Bad Liar is such a mindtrip, with Selena playing four different characters who are all interconnected. First, we see Selena as a high school student who seems to be getting bullied and looked down upon as she goes about her day. The student sees two teachers flirting through the classroom window - a Farrah Fawcett lookalike (played by Selena) and a nerdy male teacher in glasses and a mustache (also Selena). The Farrah lookalike is the student’s basketball coach and it seems clear the student wants to impress her. We see the male teacher getting picked up by his wife (also played by Selena) and when the student returns home, it becomes clear the man is her dad, who the wife seems suspicious of (with good reason since he's been flirting with Farrah!Selena). 

The big reveal is that the student ALSO has a crush on the Farrah lookalike! It's actually super interesting to see all the connected characters come together and the plot twist at the end. Selena also teases something called "Fetish" at the end of the video.