He's #1 Video, Paparazzi Observations, Marty is Repping Corinne from BIP

There's a part of Steve Aoki's Aoki's World video where he and Louis Tomlinson and everyone are celebrating Just Hold On getting to #1 and people think they hear Harry Styles saying "He's number one" in it. Just a cute moment. ("pick someone who's supportive")

Lots of talk today about how we only get Louis papped at the stunt house if it involves Freddie or Eleanor. Niall Horan said he lives near Louis and sees him and Freddie "all the time" but not once has Niall been papped there (with or without Freddie LOL). Also, people have been noticing the huge differences between Louis and Liam's situations (i.e., Louis gets papped with Freddie whereas Liam hasn't ever). 

Corinne from Bachelor in Paradise is speaking out now and she's hired famous lawyer to the stars, Marty Singer, who recently repped Louis in his LAX arrest case (which just faded away).