Bachelor in Paradise Drama Continues...

This just gets messier and messier. Corinne and her lawyer say she was so drunk she faceplanted in a jacuzzi, was dragged out of the hot tub, and the sexual contact continued:

The sources say she did not object to the sexual contact and may have indeed consented, but they say she was not capable of consent, point to the "Jacuzzi face-plant" and being laid out on the ground.

But TMZ says that people who have seen the video say Corinne's version is "absolutely not true" and that she didn't faceplant, wasn't dragged out of the hot tub, etc. The sources are saying there's no ambiguity when you watch the video - none of the things she claim happened. Meanwhile, DeMario has been fired from his job and he is eager to get his hands on the tapes to clear his name.  

I'm also finding it a bit odd that Corinne is not finding fault with DeMario (i.e., she doesn't appear to be saying he assaulted her because he also was drunk), but rather she faults the producers for not stopping them from hooking up. If you take away the cameras, this sounds like drunken hookup regrets (Corinne apparently has a boyfriend and was stressing about him finding out about the hookup...but then again, why did you go on the show if you had a boyfriend?). 

In other Bachelor-related drama news, Bachelor Chris Soules, whose car struck a man riding on a tractor, wants to block the jury in his felony hit-and-run trial from hearing anyone refer to the deceased man as a "victim." Chris was charged with leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in death after he fled the accident scene. Chris' lawyers don't think it's right for Kenneth Moser to be called a "victim" when Chris hasn't been charged or ticketed for causing the accident. Chris' lawyers also don't want the jury to see any evidence that Chris bought or consumed alcohol that day. After Chris fled, it took several hours to get a search warrant and when he was finally tested, his tests were negative for drugs or alcohol. 

All these people looking for love are finding nothing but drama.