Happy Father's Day! Wedding and Daddy Discourse

Happy Father's Day! I had a great lunch with my dad, who looked very dapper in his suspenders! 

Louis Tomlinson was at his aunt's wedding and Harry Styles was at Pixie Geldof's wedding. Louis was also rumored to be recording the charity single for the Grenfall Tower fire but I haven't seen anything come through about that.

And yes, Louis did a belated 8 pm tweet about missing "little Freddie" - but considering that Freddie's "mom" is at a festival in Vegas, you'd think Louis could have maybe arranged to have Freddie come to the UK. It's been like 6+ months since Freddie's one and only time there. This is all so silly at this point....a multimillionaire with no paternity test, no custody arrangement that actually allows him to bring his kid to see his family, and when we do see him, it just happens to be captured by paps in front of his very public house (yet we never see anyone else get papped there besides Louis, Eleanor, and Freddie....like say Niall Horan, who said he sees Louis all the time. Sure, Jan. This all makes loads of sense). End it already.